Cardiac imaging examination

Cardiac imaging is quite complex and comes in different modalities. We perform cardiac scans for the study of the calcium and coronary score as well as heart MRIs at rest or under stress.


Imagerie cardiaque a Geneve


Correct preparation for the examination


Principle of the cardiac CT

We perform a CT scan without contrast injection to calculate a calcium score.

In the minutes following the scan, dedicated software determines the amount of calcification on the main arteries of the heart.

This score (expressed numerically) can be supplemented by a possible injection of iodine to visualise the internal calibre of the coronary arteries. In the case of injection of a contrast medium: same contraindications or precautions as apply for other scans (history of allergies to be checked).


Principle of a cardiac MRI.

A cardiac MRI requires the active participation of the patient (breath holding instructions) and constant monitoring of parameters (breathing, heart rate, ventilation, blood pressure ..)

Images can be acquired during the perfusion of a pharmacological stress agent (adenosine).

In most cases, a contrast medium (gadolinium as well) is also used.

It is a relatively long examination (preparation with an ECG is sometimes necessary beforehand), allow for 45 minutes in the machine.

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