MRI – Medical Imaging

Philips Ingenia 1.5

The new Philips MRI device has been designed to offer a slightly wider tunnel (70 cm), but also to offer excellent quality images.

The Ingenia is equipped with DStream technology, full fibre optic transmission.

The latest advances (Dixon, Omar, SWi specialist, Cardiac, StarQuant, MultivaneXD etc ..), allow us to perform specialised examinations of high quality in all areas (neuro, vascular, cardiac, abdominal, osteoarticular with or without prostheses, etc.)

Recent technologies allow us in case of stress to make faster sequences, that are less noisy (comfortone) with a reassuring voice off throughout the examination (autovoice).

Our patients are also immersed in a colourful luminous atmosphere that favours relaxation (ambilight technology) and they can also choose their own music (spotify).

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