With its recent device fleet, the Medimage Centre aims for operational excellence and the continuous improvement of its clinical performances, in order to deliver first-class diagnostic and interventional procedures.

The Medimage centre is equipped with a set of the latest generation digital equipment.

THE MEDIMAGE CENTRE RECEIVES ITS PATIENTS IN FLORISSANT, one of the most beautiful residential districts of Geneva. Its technical platform, spread over two levels, is equipped with digitized devices of new generation. The team possess a level of technicality and skills that is resolutely turned towards new technologies. Medimage communicate with each other through a PACS-type computer network that ensures high reliability and reproducibility of examinations. To complete this system, the Medimage centre has put in place an efficient system for the transmission of digitised data and information.

Thanks to the MEDIWEB platform, prescribing physicians can access the patients’ digital records in one click.


CT Scan


IRM équipement médical chez Medimage Genève

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MRI Philips Ingenia 1.5


équipement médical pour échographie chez Medimage Genève
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SAMSUNG RS85A Prestige UltraSound

Digital Mammography

équipement médical pour mammographie Medimage Genève
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General Electric Senographe Essential

Digital Radiography

Dental Panoramic

équipement médical pour panoramique dentaire chez Medimage

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Hyperdion X5 2D


équipement médical pour minéralométrie chez Medimage

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Nova-Logic Qdr 4500c mineralometer

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