The Medimage centre is equipped with a set of the latest generation digital equipment.



The Medimage centre receives its patients in Florissant, one of the most beautiful residential districts of Geneva. Its technical platform, spread over two levels, is equipped with digitized devices of new generation. The team possess a level of technicality and skills that is resolutely turned towards new technologies. Medimage communicate with each other through a PACS-type computer network that ensures high reliability and reproducibility of examinations. To complete this system, the Medimage centre has put in place an efficient system for the transmission of digitised data and information.

Thanks to the Mediweb platform, prescribing physicians can access the patients’ digital records in one click.


CT Scan


Philips ingenuity scanner
elite 128 slice



This 128 slice scanner benefits from the latest technological advances.

IDose® technology improves image quality by avoiding certain artifacts and increasing the spatial resolution at a low dose. The Orthopedic Metal Artifact Reduction (O-MAR) function reduces the artifacts generated by large orthopaedic implants. Used in combination, both techniques provide high quality images while reducing artifacts.





Philips Ingenia 1.5



The new Philips MRI device has been designed to offer a slightly wider tunnel (70 cm), but also to offer excellent quality images.

The Ingenia is equipped with DStream technology, full fibre optic transmission.

The latest advances (Dixon, Omar, SWi specialist, Cardiac, StarQuant, MultivaneXD etc ..), allow us to perform specialised examinations of high quality in all areas (neuro, vascular, cardiac, abdominal, osteoarticular with or without prostheses, etc.)

Recent technologies allow us in case of stress to make faster sequences, that are less noisy (comfortone) with a reassuring voice off throughout the examination (autovoice).

Our patients are also immersed in a colourful luminous atmosphere that favours relaxation (ambilight technology) and they can also choose their own music (spotify).





SAMSUNG RS85A Prestige Ultrasound



Thanks to advanced technologies developed by Samsung, the RS85 Prestige ultrasound system optimises the workflow, helps radiologists to diagnose with confidence, while improving the working comfort of the operator.

The Samsung RS85 can support many applications: We have the latest advanced features such as Shearwave, elastoscan, for the abdomen, breast or thyroid.

We also have all the probes and technologies necessary for a fine osteoarticular analysis.

In addition, we also have the centrifuge for the execution of PRP, effective in the cicatricial response of ligamentous, tendinous and cartilage lesions.



Digital Mammography





The Senographe Essential allows low dose mammograms with digital technology, and premium filter view. All pallets are available for localised or enlarged imaging. A cad (computerised diagnostic assistance) system is also available to radiologists.



Digital Radiography







We have a digitised radiology unit with a pulsed 65 kw generator with fluoroscopy (Philips Juno DRF unit) included for low radiation.

The stitching system allows us to perform long axis orthopaedic checkups (lower limbs and full spine).

This room is perfectly ergonomic and meets all current requirements in terms of regulation (dose monitoring, low radiation etc. ..)

We also have another room (Philips BuckyDiagnost Prograde) for simple radiography, fully digitised with removable detectors.




Dental Panoramic




This radiographic system allows the realisation of pediatric and adult panoramic dental pictures.








Our densitometer is a Hologic brand device. This two-photon absorption test uses x-rays but is very weakly radiating.







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