Ultrasound, doppler & elastography examimation

As a non-invasive exploration, ultrasound is one of the most common medical imaging examinations. This method is based on ultrasound waves and the Doppler effect; it allows us to easily visualise many tissues and organs inside the body. It visualises what is invisible to the eye even with X-rays. It also serves to detect vascular problems. It also allows us to guide gestures, biopsies or infiltrations…


echographie a geneve



Correct preparation for the examination


  • Abdominal examination: do not eat 4 hours before the examination, full bladder
  • Urinary tract examination: come with a full bladder (drink 1 litre of water and do not urinate)
  • Other ultrasounds: no special preparation.


Conduct of the examination


The part of the body to be examined shall be bare. A gel is applied to the skin to ensure the correct transmission of ultrasound waves.

The duration of the examination depends on the information needed by the practitioner and the measurements and images that will support their analysis.





None. It is a painless and harmless imaging technique.





The results are known instantly and treated by the doctor in charge of your records in our centre. A full report is sent to your referring physician.

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