A complete panel of radiological examinations.

The medimage centre offers all of the medical imaging services required for general and specialised medicine.

Your examination – Medical imaging


In Geneva, the Medimage centre welcomes you for your medical imaging examinations. The medical team has 5 specialist radiologists, 1 specialised cardiologist and 5 technicians. The technical platform is made up of latest generation devices: CT scan, MRI, ultrasound…

In this section, we invite you to read about the various radiographic tests undertaken in our centre. You can find out how each examination takes place, how to prepare yourself and what indications they are useful for.




CT scan

A CT scan allows a very precise radiological examination of the different anatomical structures of the human body: bones, blood vessels, organs, tissues … In the scan, during a quick and painless examination, the body is scanned by a range of X-rays. The examined area is scanned in very fine sections, taken to the nearest millimeter, which are reconstructed by a computer in the form of two- or three-dimensional images. Our radiology practice in Geneva has a latest generation CT scanner that is extremely powerful and delivers low levels of radiation.

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MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging )

Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most advanced medical imaging techniques. It allows a thorough examination of the body and helps to identify neurological, cardiac, digestive, gynecological and osteoarticular problems. MRI does not use X-rays, but a magnetic field generated by a powerful magnet. The examination is painless, but some precautions should be taken, especially for patients with certain medical devices such as pacemakers or insulin pumps. This is why a questionnaire precedes the examination.

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Ultrasound, Doppler & Elastography

As a non-invasive exploration, ultrasound is one of the most common medical imaging examinations. This method is based on ultrasound waves and the Doppler effect; it allows us to easily visualise many tissues and organs inside the body. It visualises what is invisible to the eye even with X-rays. It also serves to detect vascular problems. It also allows us to guide gestures, biopsies or infiltrations…

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This is the radiographic gold standard examination for the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer in women. It allows the study of the mammary tissues and the detection of possible nodules. This examination can be completed if necessary with an ultrasound or biopsy. Our medical imaging centre in Geneva is accredited by the Breast Cancer Screening Foundation.

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Radiography (radiology)

Since its exploitation in the medical field, radiology is at the basis of the diagnosis. It relies on X-rays.

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Dental Panoramic

A clinical examination is not always sufficient in order to determine your dental condition. To overcome this limitation, it is sometimes necessary to perform a dental panoramic, that is to say, an X-ray of your entire set of teeth. This medical imaging examination is very common; it can take place in dentists’ offices that are equipped with the appropriate equipment or in structures such as our radiology practice in Geneva.

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This painless examination makes it possible to measure the bone density of the body and to detect the risk of fracture. Mineralometry is indicated primarily for women starting menopause or for patients with certain history or at-risk sites. The goal of bone densitometry is to prevent osteoporosis-related problems such as femoral neck fractures and to establish regular bone assessments.

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Arthro CT / MRI, Infiltration & Biopsy

In order to examine precisely the structure of a joint, (shoulder, knee, elbow) … it is sometimes necessary to carry out a particular radiological examination: an arthrography. This is systematically accompanied by the injection of a contrast product into the joint. Sometimes, a biopsy procedure or infiltration under X-ray, ultrasound or CT, may also be prescribed to you in order to better diagnose or relieve a pathology.
We also perform Infiltrations of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). This is the injection of your own serum enriched in platelets. Used in Orthopedics as well as in cosmetic surgery, PRP is effective in the cicatricial response of ligamentous, tendonous and cartilage lesions.

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Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac imaging is quite complex and comes in different modalities. We perform cardiac scans for the study of the calcium and coronary score as well as heart MRIs at rest or under stress.

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