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A committed team surrounding the patient


Patients are provided with personalised and attentive support. Prescribing doctors want competent and available actors.



Stéphanie Besse Seligman

Specialist Radiologist Doctor responding to the canton medical authorities


« Our faculty to reduce patient’s apprehension changes their perception of the therapeutic experience »


I am a medical doctor specialising in radiology. For several years, I have been working on conditions that can reduce the stress of patients and make their examination as pleasant as possible. For me, the quality of the contact with patients is essential.

In addition to my general activity in medical imaging, I am a specialist in therapeutic or diagnostic infiltrations for all types of patients, from top athletes to the elderly. Within the institute, I am the doctor answering to the cantonal medical authorities.

What are the strengths of Medimage? Without a doubt the skills and responsiveness.



Monica Deac

Cardiologist specialized in cardiac MRI

« I am fascinated by the extraordinary clarity of the mri images, which give us a 360° view of this major organ that is the heart »


I am a cardiologist specialised in heart imaging. Trained in London, where I worked for 5 years, I offer my fellow colleagues an additional asset in the fine understanding of our area of ​​expertise by the exchange of specific observations. By taking time with patients prior to their examination and sharing all the necessary information with them, we significantly reduce their level of anxiety, especially for stress tests. For me, the quality of the relationship created during the examination is essential and my greatest reward, besides the diagnostic quality, is to see my patients leave with a smile.



René de Gautard

Specialist Radiologist - Sonographer

« Humility and availability are key values in the excellence that we desire for our patients »


I am a radiologist who specialises in paediatric and adult ultrasound.

Non-invasive, non-irradiating, this diagnostic technology is probably the one that requires the most time with patients; and it is for me an ever-renewed pleasure to discover their story in a sincere dialogue that will enable us to better understand their history and improve the accuracy of the examination.

You cannot do this job without scientific passion; I add an extra dimension: that of my contribution to the course of health care and listening to people to whom each individual’s fate could resemble.



Philippe Kindynis

Specialist Radiologist


« The trusting relationship established between the prescribing doctor, the radiologist and the patient provides both a human and technical service »


I have been practising for more than 30 years. Educated in Geneva, I was one of the forerunners of magnetic resonance imaging, following a fellowship in the USA in the late 1980s. After a solid background in general radiology, I specialised in osteo-articular examinations and interventional radiology. After 28 years dedicated to my job in the radiology department of a large Geneva clinic, I joined the Medimage centre, where I have the pleasure of continuing to practice my profession, sharing my knowledge and developing this in a human-sized structure that is closer to the patient.


The technical team



Medical Imaging Technician Manager

Screening Accreditation

Radiation protection expert


Vincent BUQUET

Multi-skilled Medical Imaging Technician


Elodie GOMES

Multi-skilled Medical Imaging Technician



Multi-skilled Medical Imaging Technician


Jonathan Nosel

Multi-skilled Medical Imaging Technician


Technicians assist radiologist physicians technically and perform examinations according to the chosen protocol. They also assist with therapeutic infiltration and the injection of contrast agents or punctures. Their role is not only practical: they manage the emotional state of patients, in order to facilitate their experience and ensure a high quality examination.



Medical Front office



Medical Secretary Manager



Medical Secretary



Medical Secretary


Alexandra Munari

Medical Secretary


The medical secretaries provide the administrative management of the records; they are the privileged actors of prescribing doctors, radiologists and patients in the coordination of examinations: setting dates, collecting data, etc. They welcome patients, inform them in terms of administrative procedures and prepare them with the necessary tact and support for a successful examination.







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A committed team surrounding the patient


Patients are provided with personalised and attentive support. Prescribing doctors want competent and available actors.