Radiography examination

Since its exploitation in the medical field, radiology is at the basis of the diagnosis. It relies on X-rays.


Radiographie et radiologie a Geneve


Conduct of the examination


  • No special preparation is required for most x-rays
  • Barium enema and transit: according to protocol (information at appointment)
  • Dental panoramic: no preparation



Conduct of the examination


Our digital technology allows for a moderate dose of radiation. In the case of a specific exploration of the digestive tract, you shall be asked to drink a contrast medium or to accept the introduction of contrast into the colon. Pictures are taken in different positions depending on the part of the body studied.





The X-rays used are generally to be avoided by pregnant women.

It is therefore imperative to report if you are pregnant or could be pregnant.





The results are known after a few minutes and the examination is dealt with by the doctor in charge of your records in our centre. A full report is sent to your prescribing physician. You shall leave with your x-rays.


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