PRP infiltrations (platelet-rich plasma infiltrations)

PRP infiltrations (platelet-rich plasma infiltrations)


This is an injection enriched with platelets, often used on ligament, tendon and cartilage damage.

The centrifugation technique makes it possible to retain the growth promoters contained in the PRP. Only plasma and platelets are preserved. The harvested growth promoters help with tissue healing.


Infiltrations de PRP


This stimulates the healing of an injured tendon (tendinitis), cartilage (osteoarthritis) or muscle (muscle tear).

This plasma, collected in the Institute by blood test, can either be centrifuged alone or with additional hyaluronic acid for intra-articular injection.


Infiltrations plasma riche en plaquettes à Geneve

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Other types of infiltrations practiced by the Centre


We perform several types of infiltrations:





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