Infiltrations in Geneva

Epidural infiltration, spinal infiltration, joint infiltration, back infiltration, etc.

We perform several types of infiltrations:

Most of the time, infiltrations help relieve pain; it is a specialist therapy.

What type of product is used? hyaluronic acid and cortisone infiltration.

Where are they injected? the back, joints and soft tissues.

The Clinic also offers PRP infiltrations (Platelet-Rich Plasma). This is an injection enriched with platelets, often used on scars and ligament, tendon and cartilage damage. This plasma (collected in the Institute by blood test) can also be centrifuged with additional hyaluronic acid.


Infiltrations de PRP à geneve



How does the infiltration process in Geneva work?


The radiologist analyses ultrasound, X-ray or CT images on a screen. They look at the live image and identify the affected area or injury then get into position in order to guide their instruments.
The area of the body being treated is accessed percutaneously. The shortest path will be used to employ the most effective and least traumatic method.



What are the objectives of the infiltrations in Geneva?


Infiltrations have a therapeutic purpose. They are directly involved in the treatment of a pathology by relieving pain. The images taken using the chosen method will guide the operator.




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