Mammogram in Geneva’s Champel quarter

In Geneva, our medical imaging practice is approved by the Breast Cancer Screening Foundation. We use a high-performance, latest-generation device with a low X-ray quantity. A mammogram is a medical imaging technique that uses the irradiation of tissues by X-rays. It is a standard radiographic examination performed using a machine that is specially adapted to this part of the body.


Mammographie Geneve Suisse

How does a mammogram in Geneva work?


The mammogram in Geneva at the Médimage Centre is usually performed in around fifteen minutes. Each breast is examined separately. Two to three shots are taken of each breast: front, oblique and/or profile.

For the imaging examination, you remain in a standing position and undressed to the waist. The technician positions you in front of the machine and places a breast between two plates so that it is compressed. The examination causes some awkwardness and discomfort, but it only takes a few minutes and is bearable.

No specific preparation is required before the examination. You are advised not to apply cream, lotion, perfume or any other cosmetic product to the skin.

The images are viewed live by the medical staff on a monitor.



Other information on the mammogram


The mammogram uses low dose X-rays. This examination is not recommended for pregnant women except for emergency diagnosis.

Because several mammograms are performed in a lifetime, previous X-rays must be brought by the patient to provide a point of comparison for the doctor.

For pre-menopausal women, it is also advisable to make an appointment during the first half of the menstrual cycle (between the 1st and 12th day), that is to say when the breasts are the least sensitive. This makes squeezing them into the machine less uncomfortable.

The results of the mammogram examination are quickly sent to your doctor following analysis by the radiologist. Additional tests may be recommended.










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