Screening mammogram in Geneva


Mammographie de depistage

How does a screening mammogram work, via the Screening Foundation, and how long does it take?


The screening mammogram is a medical examination that takes approximately 20 minutes. A technician or medical radiology technician (MRT) will take care of you. The MRT checks your health questionnaire or helps you complete it at the Foundation if necessary.

  1. The technician is qualified to perform screening mammograms.
  2. The MRT asks you to undress to the waist. Your breasts are placed between two plates, one after the other. These plates tighten and compress the breast for a few seconds. The MRT takes two X-rays of each of your breasts and checks their quality. If you are anxious, do not hesitate to discuss your fears and concerns with your MRT technician.
  3. When the technician has taken two shots of each breast, the examination will then be finished. You do not see a doctor during your screening mammogram. The results are sent to you by post approximately eight days after the examination. The results of your examination are also sent to the attending doctor whose name you indicated on the health questionnaire.
  4. The images are immediately visible on our web server (personal codes are given to you on a small card).



When and how are the results of your screening mammogram sent?


  1. The second automatic examination of the shots makes the result more certain but it takes a few days. This is why the results of the mammogram are sent to you by post within eight working days.
  2. If you are invited to come back for a further examination, please make an appointment by emailing the Foundation. You then leave the screening, your insurance takes care of the reimbursement and you will then see a radiologist.
  3. The results of your examination are also sent to the doctor whose name you indicated on the health questionnaire.










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