Medical CT in Geneva and CT Scan

A medical CT is an extremely precise radiological examination. It enables the anatomical structures of the human body to be examined, such as bones, blood vessels, organs, tissues, etc.

During a medical CT in Geneva, the body is scanned by an X-ray. This quick and painless imaging examination moves over the area to be examined and copies the relevant part of the body in very fine sections taken to the nearest millimetre, which is then reconstituted by computer in the form of a 2 or 3-dimensional image.

Your Medimage radiology practice in Geneva has a latest-generation CT scanner, which is extremely efficient and has very low irradiation.


Scanner médical à Genève



Preparing for the medical CT scan


  • Cerebral, neck, thorax and abdomen: Do not eat 3 hours before the examination.
  • Virtual colonoscopy CT: according to protocol.
  • Cardiac CT: according to protocol.
  • CT enterography: according to protocol.
  • Other: no preparation

If a contrast medium has to be injected to help with the diagnosis, please let us know and inform us of your history of allergies. You will complete a questionnaire upon arrival.



The medical CT procedure


Lying on a table, on your stomach or on your back, the platform will move through an open ring to guide you to the centre of an X-ray source. The medical CT’s detectors will then rotate around you, in order to continuously measure the radiation that will pass through your body.

As the medical team is a few steps from the examination room, they will communicate with you through a microphone. You must remain completely still during the imaging examination, which can last between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the treatment area.



Effects linked to the medical CT scan


As a general rule, you should know that the X-rays used are not recommended for pregnant women. However, certain indications may be justified depending on the pathology concerned.

It is therefore imperative that you tell us if you are pregnant or if you could be.

It is sometimes necessary to fall back on injecting a contrast medium in order to achieve a complete diagnosis. It is therefore also imperative that the patient informs us beforehand of their background as regards allergies.

It is also essential to inform the medical team of any problems with kidney failure or diabetes so that we can take all the necessary precautions.



The results of the medical CT scan


At the end of the examination and the medical CT scan, our doctor will make themselves available for any comments (which will not include diagnosis). This will be assessed by the doctor responsible for your file at our centre and then sent to your prescribing doctor.

You will need to wait a while before you can leave with your images and a CD of your medical CT scan and your imaging examination.



The purpose of a medical CT scan


The CT is a device that measures the absorption of X-rays by the tissues of the human body. Two parts will revolve around the patient: a ring with an X-ray emitter tube and detectors. The digital sensors will scan the body from each side.

The information collected is then analysed and processed by a computerised system, which reconstructs 2D or 3D images. These images will provide a very accurate diagnosis, more so than a standard X-ray examination.



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