Radiography, radiology, X-ray in Geneva

Performing radiography in Geneva or a radiological examination: radiography has been the basis of diagnosis since it was first implemented in the medical field. It relies on X-rays.




How do I prepare for radiography in Geneva?


  • No particular preparation is required for the majority of radiographies
  • Barium enema and transit: according to protocol (information when making an appointment)
  • Dental panoramic: no preparation



Procedure for the radiography and radiological examination


Our digital technologyis based on a moderate dose of irradiation.

Shots are taken in different positions depending on the part of the body to be examined.



Effects related to radiography


As a general rule, pregnant women should avoid X-rays. It is therefore imperative to specify this before any examination.



The results of the radiography in Geneva and the radiological imaging examination


It only takes a few minutes to get the results. The examination will be handled by the doctor responsible for your file when you arrive at our centre.

A complete radiological report will be sent directly to your prescribing doctor and you leave with all your X-rays.



What is digital X-ray?


X-rays are used by conventional radiography and can examine the body from the inside. The basis of medical diagnosis, radiography has for a number of years, and particularly in terms of fluoroscopy, been “live” on a monitor.


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